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Friday, 9 October 2015

October 2015 Minutes

Bowcroft School Council and BPAC Meeting
October 5 2015, 7:00pm
Location: Library

Chairperson - Tara Neish
Co-Chairperson - Shian Hunt
Treasurer - Susanne Morris
Fundraising Coordinator - Barb Rocca
Casino Coordinator - Barb Rocca
Volunteer Coordinator - Trish Braaten
Key Communicator - Janis Giroux
Secretary - Teryn Aurini

Attendees: Chris, Fran, George, Lia, Shian, Sonja, Tara, Teryn, Trish, Vicki, Tamara, Naomi, Wayne, Simone, Matt, Cheryl
Total Attendees: 16

Call to oder: 7:05

Minutes approved by: Trish, Fran seconds

Administration - Matt & Cheryl 

• Good evening and happy October!
• Our BBQ was a huge success, but we went over budget by $25 - we spent about $650. We couldn't purchase the sun chips and went for carrot sticks instead! Theincrease in the cost of food last year and this years was astounding. 
• It was a beautiful day and allowed the parents and teachers to connect with each 
• We finished our Terry Fox Run, the kids ran over 3000 km! This tied into our running and reading program which is at capacity. We have 50 participants and 14 on the wait list 
• Hockey Heroes starts tomorrow, we have had 18 kids signed up for it, the kids are tracked through the program right through High School. 
• SLA’s are on track - we have almost finished the two digital components (reading and numeracy) and next week we will start the Grade 3s on the writing tasks - where they write a story. The next will be another math test where they get to show their process.
• Over the next two weeks we are finalizing our staffing and school budget. We will be adjusting or ed assistants time.
• Hoja (an a cappella group) will be performing on October 14th at 10:30 am. Tammi has booked two other presentations for the year.
• There will be no school Monday October 12th or Friday October 30th
• Since our previous meeting in regards to the math resources they have been ordered and have arrived, we are still waiting to hear back on the shirts, Matt will contact his supplier tomorrow.
• The Gym equipment has also arrived.
• The Wish List: we talked about it with the staff on Friday, we had a tiny url (using google forms) 
• We wanted to get everyones input in regards to what is the most 
• 66.7% would like to see the learning commons: a flexible classroom space - where the bookshelves can move around, a bright space, the carpets would be removed.
• As a group we would need to brainstorm - we would like to get a committee together to address this.
• which we could convene at the end of this meeting, and then Matt and Cheryl could walk away with what those interested parties feel
• Classroom monies and field trips are at 100% support from the staff
• We would like to send the same url to you to have your feedback. Would you like that to be just sent to school council or the whole community? One challenge would be putting things into context.
• Is it simple to get the feedback? 
• It comes back in different formats, but to leave it open for a week would be difficult
• Could we add some clarity by categorizing? This is one way we can make it easier to engage people. 
• Shout outs! First to Fran for the amazing job she’s done with the BPAC website!!
• Erna - for the tremendous amount of work she put into the Terry Fox Run.
• Tammy Bonham for bringing in Spark bikes - self-regulation, silent bicycles that are available for students.

Volunteer Coordinator - Trish

• We have filled all the morning shifts for Book fair but we still need help in the afternoons (Oct 19th - 23rd) from 12-4. If you are available and have your volunteer clearance please contact her at: trish.braaten@gmail.com
• Kids Up front has been very successful, Trish has an orientation with them next week. She has a small list, but would like to expand that. We would like hard copies of a sign up letter to go home. 

Meeting Closed: 7:30

BPAC Meeting
October 5 2015, 8:00pm
Location: Library

Chairperson - Tara Neish
Co-Chairperson - Shian Hunt
Treasurer - Susanne Morris
Fundraising Coordinator - Barb Rocca
Casino Coordinator - Barb Rocca
Volunteer Coordinator - Trish Braaten
Key Communicator - Janis Giroux
Secretary - Teryn Aurini

Attendees: Chris, Fran, George, Lia, Shian, Sonja, Tara, Teryn, Trish, Vicki, Tamara, Naomi, Wayne, Simone, Matt, Cheryl
Total Attendees: 16

Meeting opened: 7:35 

Treasurer - Susanne 

• Not in attendance

Fundraising Coordinator - Barb 

• Entertainment Fundraiser is over! Lia put in over 30 hours, and we will need more help next year. We still have 20 books outstanding, we made over $3000 that goes straight into our general account, meaning we do not have the same spending restrictions we do with our casino funds. 

Casino Coordinator - Barb 

• Casino is going well, we have a few spaces left. It’s really fun and the food is excellent. If you know anyone who can come out please let us know. You don't need your security clearance and we welcome all volunteers.

New Business 

• No new Business

Old Business 

• Last year we approved some funds for 2015/16,
• We were unsuccessful in our Grant application for Trixster (the cost is approximately $13,000)
• We found some money left over in some areas from the 2014/15 wish list, we would like to move those funds to the trickster.
• We could put in some money from our fun lunches (about $600).

Secretary  - Teryn

• Fran will communicate with the bottle depot in Montgomery and sign us up as a donee

AGEC Update - Sonja 

• Our casino is at the end of the month, October 28th and 29th - we need more help! Please let us know if you are available, even as a backup by emailing: agec.president@gmail.com . AGEC donates a huge amount of money to Bowcroft in support of the German program, and the Casino is their main fundraiser.
• We will have a cheque for $16803.95 for BPAC very soon!

Vote on Funding 

• Chris motions that we fund the Trixster residency with the remaining money from Classroom and Field trips - from $2965, as well as the $6000 from the Trixters funds earmarked in March to a total of $8965 Lia seconds, all in favour, Chris tables the motion 

Meeting Closed at: 8:12pm

Chair: Teryn nominates Lia for Chair
Co-chair: Trish nominates Tara for Co-chair
Secretary: Fran nominates Teryn for Secretary
Treasurer: Fran nominates Tamara for Treasurer
Key Communicator: Trish nominates Fran for Key Communicator
Fundraising Coordinator: currently vacant
Parent Liaison: Lia nominates Naomi for Parent Liaison

No position is contested so all positions are acclaimed!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

AGEC Casino

AGEC is in need of volunteers to take shifts at their Casino Fundraiser on Wednesday October 28 and Thursday October 29. AGEC could raise between $70K and $100K to support German language education in Calgary. You will be provided meals and refreshments, and can be reimbursed for babysitters and taxis. There are day shifts, evening shifts and late shifts available. And of course this will benefit the German program at Bowcroft in the long run! Please click HERE to sign up!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

2015/2016 Executive

Chair: Lia Haus

Co-Chair: Tara Neish

Secretary: Teryn Aurini

Treasurer: Tamara Ross

Casino Coordinator: Barb Rocca

Volunteer Coordinator: Trish Braaten

Parent Liaison: Naomi Robinson

Key Communicator: Fran Lochbihler

Thursday, 1 October 2015

October News

Greetings from Bowcroft Parent Action Club 

September was a busy month of fundraising at Bowcroft School. Thanks to everyone who helped to raise money for our school by supporting the Entertainment Book drive. We had some very motivated students who have earned the chance to experience the „money- machine‟ for selling ten books or more! A huge thank you for the many countless hours Lia Haus has volunteered to the fundraiser. The money raised from Entertainment Books is put toward many things that benefit every child in the school. 

This month we are hosting the Scholastic Book Fair. It starts on Monday, October 19th and ends on Friday, October 23rd. We need Volunteers for morning and afternoon shifts to help kids select books and develop their wish-lists! Any parents who are interested in volunteering for this great event can email our volunteer coordinator Trish Braaten. Money raised from the book fair goes towards library resources for our school. 

Our Casino is scheduled for December 9th and 10th. Every 18 months we have the opportunity to work at Elbow River Casino for two days. This is by far our biggest fundraiser. Last Casino earned us over $70,000. We need volunteers to work day and night shifts. Police clearance is not necessary. For more information, visit: bowcroft.blogspot.ca 

We hope you had a chance to say “hi” to us at the Welcome Back Barbeque last Thursday. If not, we kindly invite you to attend our next meeting in the library on Monday, October 5th at 7:00pm. You‟ll be able to meet the folks who endeavour to support Bowcroft School through volunteerism and fund-raising. Meetings are open to every parent/guardian with a student who attends the school. It is a great opportunity to meet Mr. Lowe and Mrs. Zelmer as well as many friendly parents! 

This up-coming meeting is our AGM. We will be hosting annual elections for the BPAC council executive. 

Enjoy these beautiful days of fall!