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Monday, 2 November 2015

Head Full of Honey - Honig Im Kopf

The Calgary European Film Festival in partnership with AGEC are proud to present:

This year's most popular movie in German theatres features Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden as Amandus, grandfather to 11 year old Tilda. Amandus suffers from Alzheimers and as his condition worsens and his son conciders placing him in a nursing home, Tilda kidnaps him and takes her grandfather on one last adventure to Venice. Heart-warming family movie.
*Screened in German with English subtitles
*Rating in Germany: FSK 6 (age 6 and up)

Sunday, November 15, 5pm
Globe Cinema 617 8 Ave SW
Tickets: www.CalgaryEuropeanFilmFestival.ca